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Weathervane Team, Dan, Matt and John

How did these 3 guys end up in an empty warehouse? The story may have started well before we ever met one another.

The power of Energy does amazing things. When you accept and understand positive energy, the capabilities of the human mind and have faith – you might just end up in an empty warehouse with 3 like minded people ready to take on the world…….or in this case – Massachusetts to start.

Dan Carroll, Matt Hammer and John Lanzi. We are operators who know how to conceptualize, implement and execute. Building a culture and environment that attracts employees, business partners and clients is something the three of us are most comfortable doing and we are excited to have started Weathervane Home Services for those very reasons. We are truly excited to help homeowners and business owners across the Commonwealth along their journey of saving money and energy with benefits of the Mass Save Program.

Having over 30 years of combined experience in the Mass Save Program, we have seen the program evolve and improve during this time. We have learned how to guide homeowners through the program ensuring they receive the amazing incentives, rebates and financing opportunities. We anticipate Mass Save will continue to evolve and improve for many years to come. It is our goal to remain a strong Home Performance Contractor within the program and to continue assisting everyone across Massachusetts who qualifies for Mass Save Program incentives.

If you would like to find out more about Mass Save and how Weathervane Home Services can provide services, please call us directly or complete the form fill on our landing page and we will reach out to you immediately. We look forward to serving you.

Dan, Matt and John

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a culture of trust and excellence, as we partner with homeowners within the Mass Save program. With dedication to our craft and commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to help our clients save money and energy, while reducing their environmental footprint. Together, we’re building a brighter, more sustainable future, one energy-saving solution at a time.

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