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Home Energy Assessments

Weathervane Home Services is a Mass Save® Home Performance Contractor that is certified and approved to participate in the Mass Save program and provide energy efficiency services to homeowners.

Weathervane Home Services specializes in performing comprehensive home energy assessments, implementing energy-saving upgrades, and improving the overall energy efficiency and comfort of residential properties through the installation of insulation and high-efficiency heating & cooling systems, heat pumps and more.

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No-Cost Energy Assessments

Discover how you can save on energy costs with our complimentary energy audit.

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using technology to scan a house for heat leaks and to find areas of efficiencies
discussing the assessment with a home owner to review the efficiencies they can apply
finding the right combinations upgrades and fixes that will make your home more energy efficient, and more comfortable

Here are some key characteristics and responsibilities of Weathervane Home Services:


As a participating contractor in the Mass Save program, Weathervane Home Services must meet specific certification requirements. These requirements often include BPI Professional Certification, energy efficiency techniques, and safety protocols. Weathervane Home Services must also meet certain licensing and insurance requirements.

Home Energy Assessments:

Weathervane Home Services employees are trained to conduct thorough Home Energy Assessments, to evaluate a home’s energy usage and identify opportunities for improvement. These assessments typically include a visual inspection, diagnostic testing, and analysis of energy usage patterns.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades:

Based on the findings of the home energy assessment, Weathervane Home Services will recommend and implement energy-saving upgrades tailored to the specific needs of the home. These upgrades may include air sealing, insulation improvements, HVAC system upgrades, duct sealing, and more. Mass Save provides 3rd party quality control within the program.

Quality Assurance:

Weathervane Home Services is responsible for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the energy efficiency upgrades we perform. We must adhere to industry best practices and standards to deliver reliable and long-lasting results.

Participation in Mass Save Programs:

Weathervane Home Services works closely with Mass Save and participating utility companies to deliver energy efficiency services to homeowners. We help homeowners access available incentives, rebates, and financing options offered through Mass Save to offset the cost of energy-saving upgrades.

Customer Education:

Weathervane Home Services plays a crucial role in educating homeowners about the benefits of energy efficiency and the importance of ongoing maintenance to maximize energy savings and comfort.

Overall, Mass Save Home Performance Contractors such as Weathervane Home Services serves as a trusted partner for homeowners seeking to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability of their homes while participating in the Mass Save program.

No Cost Energy Assessment