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What Is Mass Save®?

Mass Save is an initiative sponsored by Massachusetts’ natural gas and electric utility and service providers.

Its aim is to help residents, businesses, and municipalities in Massachusetts save energy and money through various energy efficiency programs and incentives.
The program offers a range of services including home energy assessments, rebates, incentives for energy-efficient upgrades such as insulation, heating and cooling systems, lighting, appliances, and more. These assessments are conducted by trained energy specialists who provide recommendations tailored to the specific needs of the property to improve energy efficiency.

Additionally, Mass Save offers financial incentives and rebates to encourage the adoption of energy-efficient technologies and practices.

Overall, the Mass Save Energy Program is designed to help individuals and organizations in Massachusetts reduce their energy consumption, save money on energy bills, and contribute to environmental sustainability efforts.

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Steps To Qualify For Mass Save Incentives

Qualifying for Mass Save programs and incentives typically involves several steps, which may vary depending on the specific program or service you are interested in. Here are the general steps to qualify for Mass Save:

01. Confirm Eligibility:

Mass Save programs are available to residents, businesses, and municipalities in Massachusetts who are customers of participating electric and gas utility companies. Before applying for any programs or incentives, ensure that you are eligible by checking the specific eligibility requirements for the program you’re interested in.

02. Schedule a Home Energy Assessment:

If you’re a homeowner interested in improving your home’s energy efficiency, a good starting point is to schedule a Home Energy Assessment through a Mass Save contractor such as Weathervane Home Services. You can do this by contacting Weathervane Home Services directly @ to schedule an appointment.

03. Attend the Home Energy Assessment:

During the Home Energy Assessment, a trained energy specialist will visit your home to conduct a thorough evaluation of its energy usage and identify opportunities for improvement. The specialist will provide personalized recommendations for energy-saving upgrades based on the assessment findings.

04. Implement Recommended Upgrades:

Based on the recommendations from the Home Energy Assessment, you can choose to proceed with implementing energy-saving upgrades in your home. Mass Save may offer incentives, rebates, or financing options to help offset the cost of these upgrades.

05. Submit Necessary Documentation:

If you’re applying for incentives or rebates through Mass Save, you may need to submit documentation such as receipts, proof of purchase, or contractor invoices to verify that the upgrades were completed as recommended.

06. Receive Incentives or Rebates:

Once your upgrades are completed and any required documentation is submitted and approved, you will receive any applicable incentives or rebates from Mass Save. These incentives can help lower the overall cost of your energy-saving upgrades.

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