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Things to do and places to visit in Conway, Massachusetts

By March 22, 2024Uncategorized

Field Memorial Library

Located in the heart of Conway, Massachusetts, the Field Memorial Library stands as a beacon of knowledge and community. Established in 1901, this charming library offers a peaceful sanctuary for book lovers and researchers alike. The red-brick facade and inviting atmosphere welcome visitors to explore its vast collection of literature and resources.

Stepping inside the Field Memorial Library, visitors are greeted by the comforting scent of old books and the soft rustle of turning pages. The cozy reading nooks and antique furnishings create a nostalgic ambiance that transports readers to a bygone era. Whether you’re seeking a classic novel, historical reference, or simply a quiet space to unwind, this beloved library holds a treasure trove of information waiting to be discovered.

Field Memorial Library

Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens

The Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens in Conway, Massachusetts, is a haven for nature lovers and a must-visit destination for those seeking a serene escape. As you step inside, you will be enveloped by a magical world filled with vibrant butterflies fluttering around exotic flowers and lush greenery. The conservatory is not just a sight to behold, but also an educational experience where visitors can learn about the life cycle and behavior of these delicate creatures.

Walking through the conservatory, you will feel like you’ve entered a tropical paradise right in the heart of Massachusetts. The various species of butterflies, ranging from bold and colorful to subtle and delicate, create a mesmerizing display as they gracefully glide through the air. Whether you’re an avid photographer looking to capture some stunning shots or simply a nature enthusiast seeking tranquility, the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens offers a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens

Conway Hills Conservation Area

Conway Hills Conservation Area offers a serene escape into nature for visitors seeking peace and tranquility. The sprawling hills and lush greenery provide a picturesque setting for hiking, birdwatching, and simply reconnecting with the great outdoors. As you wander through the well-maintained trails, you’ll be surrounded by the sounds of rustling leaves and chirping birds, creating a sense of harmony and relaxation.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse flora and fauna that call Conway Hills Conservation Area home. From vibrant wildflowers to majestic oak trees, each step in this conservation area reveals a new wonder of the natural world. Whether you’re exploring solo, with friends, or with family, the beauty of Conway Hills Conservation Area is sure to leave a lasting impression and create unforgettable memories.

Conway Hills Conservation Area

Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge

Situated in the charming town of Conway, Massachusetts, Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge stands as a historic landmark that captures the essence of New England’s rich heritage. Dating back to the early 19th century, this iconic covered bridge offers visitors a glimpse into a bygone era of rural life and transportation. With its picturesque setting and rustic charm, Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge is a must-see attraction for history buffs and nature enthusiasts alike.

As you stroll across the weathered wooden planks of Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge, you can’t help but admire the craftsmanship and engineering marvel of this well-preserved structure. The tranquil waters of the Deerfield River flow gently beneath the bridge, creating a serene backdrop for visitors to soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Whether you’re capturing stunning photos, enjoying a leisurely walk, or simply immersing yourself in the history of the area, Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge provides a memorable experience that encapsulates the timeless allure of Conway, Massachusetts.

Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge


Is the Field Memorial Library in Conway free to visit?

Yes, the Field Memorial Library in Conway is free to visit and offers a wide range of books and resources for visitors.

What can visitors expect to see at the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens in Conway?

Visitors to the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens in Conway can expect to see a beautiful display of butterflies in a lush tropical environment.

Are there hiking trails available at the Conway Hills Conservation Area?

Yes, the Conway Hills Conservation Area offers a variety of hiking trails for visitors to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Can visitors walk or drive across the historic Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge in Conway?

Visitors can walk across the historic Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge in Conway, but it is closed to vehicular traffic. It offers a picturesque view of the Deerfield River.

Are there any guided tours available for these attractions in Conway?

While guided tours may not be available for all attractions in Conway, visitors can check with each location for any scheduled tours or special events.